June 2018 Newsletter

First Datacorp Joins BMC Software EMEA Partner Forum

This year’s BMC Software EMEA Partner Forum was held from May 7 to 10, 2018 in Madrid, Spain. First Datacorp was one of the participating partners of this event.

The four-day affair served as a venue for executives and technical professionals from across BMC Partner Organizations to connect with speaking experts, and with each other. It was dedicated to learning about solutions through breakout sessions, discussing case studies, and setting goals with BMC for customer success.

During the forum, new, leading-edge technologies on Digital Enterprise Management were discussed. It was highlighted that as companies strive to become digital enterprises across every industry, they need to make the best use of their existing assets and infrastructure, while introducing new technologies and tools that drive the business forward. BMC Digital Enterprise Management is an integrated set of IT solutions designed to fast-track digital business for the ultimate competitive advantage, from mainframe to mobile, to cloud and beyond. These solution sets, or BMC Digital Enterprise Management Accelerators, help IT organizations tackle the high-priority initiatives that are pivotal to enhancing digital business capabilities. Specific digital enterprise management solutions were presented, giving emphasis to:

BMC Digital Workspace Solutions – Maximize employee agility, productivity, and engagement.
BMC Security and Compliance Solutions - Proactively manage compliance and mitigate security risks with visibility, policy and operational control across teams.
BMC Service Management Excellence Solutions - Empower IT to deliver people-centric, mobile-first, cloud solutions that simplify service delivery.
BMC Big Data Solutions - Integrate, converge, and streamline big data flows across environments.
BMC Multi-Cloud Solutions - Accelerate innovation and agility while controlling costs, reducing complexity, and improving security.
BMC IT Optimization Solutions - Deliver improved performance, higher availability, and reduced risk, all while optimizing IT costs.
BMC DevOps Solutions - Empower DevOps teams for rapid application delivery and align operations.

First Datacorp Holds Tech Forum in Cebu

First Datacorp, together with Adobe Systems, Microsoft, and Autodesk, held the Cebu leg of the technology forum, “When Productivity Matters" at Bai Hotel, Mandaue City on May 29, 2018.

The morning discussions focused on enhancing workplace productivity with Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Creative Cloud, and AutoCAD 2019. Speakers also provided demonstrations, and shared tips and tricks.

The afternoon was dedicated to breakout sessions for the commercial and education sectors, where Microsoft talked about Azure and Microsoft 365, shared best practices, and discussed the different organizations’ unique challenges.

The whole day affair also served as a venue for First Datacorp and its partners to connect with businesses from Cebu.

F5: An Initial Launch Member of Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association

The security of applications, data, and networking infrastructure is now more critical than ever, given the continued evolution of cyberattack vectors and the frequency at which they occur. Cybersecurity Ventures’ 2017 Cybercrime Report predicts that by 2021, cyber-crime will cost organizations across the world $6 trillion annually – a 100% increase from the $3 trillion observed in 2015. To help combat this, Microsoft recently announced the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association to help security technology providers work more seamlessly with their security offerings to the benefit of our mutual customers.

The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association comprises a select group of premium security vendors who each contribute to and benefit from various Microsoft security products in order to improve the protection and usability of their products for customers. And it is for F5’s continued integration with, and support of, the Microsoft Azure Security Center that it was announced as an initial launch member of this new association.